Poo Towns - Hastings

Rock Drive 16/05/2019

Here you go Hastings!


Lyrics -


Railway line in the middle of town

Cuts the town in half with the tracks in the ground

Havelock North is a suburb of it

But the residents there would never admit


Tranny stripper used to hard work at night

Had an Adam’s apple that would give you a fright

Wineries, orchards, gannets at the beach

And one co-ed school where you can go teach


At Splash Planet you can swim

Water has got, E Coli in


Hastings in the Hawkes Bay

Where the New World’s best

Hastings in The Hawkes Bay

Not your STD test

Hastings in The Hawkes Bay

They all resist arrest

When you’re walking down the road

You might get jumped for your phone yeah


Bare knuckle BBQ – the best feed

Specially if you’ve been out toking weed

Men are being men, and the sheep are scared

They’re afraid of more than being sheered


Cycle lanes around keeping cyclists alive

Pity no one here knows how to indicate or drive

Watties first producing all their canned goods there

Drinking’s pretty easy - Tui is the favourite beer


There’s a fountain – fill it up

With detergent – get some suds


Hastings in the Hawkes Bay

With the bypass due

Hastings in The Hawkes Bay

You won’t have to go through

Hastings in The Hawkes Bay

There isn’t much to do

Eighty thousand folks reside

A nearby town it is called Clive