'what a hectic life' BMX legend Jed Mildon's insane yarn about hanging with Bin Laden's Nephew

Rock Drive 22/07/2022

Yeah, that's definitely an insane story.

NZ BMX Legend Jed Mildon joined The Rock Drive boys in studio with Jay asking 'what's something insane that's happened while on the road?'.

Jed didn't dissapoint sharing a story involving a six-story deep garage, missle attack, oh... and Osama Bin Laden's nephew.

Yeah, hectic.

'We went to Osama Bin Laden's Nephew's house. He had the biggest exotic car collection in the world, it was six stories deep under the government building.

Didn't stop there, Jed went on to say 'and then when we were packing down the set, Yemen tried blowing up the airport.'

Listen to the full yarn above.