Rees joins the Mad Dog club after sharing his mind blowing near-death experience

Rock Drive 28/07/2022

We have a brand new member of the Mad Dog club and boy oh boy no one quite deserves a spot like this listener Rees, who absolutely blew us away with his story. 

Rees tells us about how he was working to dig up landmines, as you do, near the Tanzanian border as part of a seismic operation. 

Just everyday stuff. 

Shortly after coming down with a fever, Rees found out he'd contracted Malaria and after complications, he went into blackwater fever. 

After being transported back to a hospital in his home of South Africa, the doctors warned him and his wife that he was not in a good way. 

Watch Rees explain the full story to the guys below. 

Absolutely mind-blowing - the journey this bloke has been through! 

We couldn't be happier to gift Rees a Mad Dog ring in honour of entering the club from our mates over at Polished Diamonds.

Rees, you're a bloody legend!