The Rock Drive's - Fisherman's Friend, Herley Boat!

Rock Drive 24/07/2019

The wait is over, meet our new Rock Drive - Fisherman's Friend, Herley Boats!

Get ready to face your everyday challenges with Fisherman’s Friend, stay fresh & seize the moment! 

The OG Rock boat was a Herley Commander and an absolute weapon, but now we get to have a crack on their brand new Electric Catamaran Powercat 3400 and it is superb.

Keep The Rock Drive with Jay & Dunc pumping in 2021 to find out how you can score a trip on this weapon with ya mates, all thank to our buddies at Fisherman's Friend!

Whatever the day throws at you … never be without a Fisherman’s Friend.

Check out the photo gallery below.

Herley Boats - Photo Gallery