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Poo Towns of NZ

Each week, Producer Jeremy writes a song about a Poo Town in New Zealand.

Poo Towns of NZ

Each week, Producer Jeremy writes a song about a Poo Town in New Zealand.

The latest from Thane & Dunc

Brad the Boss has finally had enough of 'Hangover Sunday'

The exact moment he snaps, caught in slow motion.


This weeks Poo Towns of NZ was unbeliev-a-bulls

It really is a town like no udder.


Jim kicks off a new segment by feeding Thane and Dunc dog food

Surely it'll taste fine with some sauce, right?


Jeremy had a nudge at Cromwell for Poo Towns of NZ this week

A Poo Towns you will not forget..


Rock announcers share their best #Rock1500 memories over the years

The team take a trip down memory lane reminiscing the nation wide phenomenon that is The Rock 1500.


Ever wondered how Thane Kirby gets his business done?

Probably not, but we thought we'd let you know anyways.


Jeremy pulls off a Poo Towns on Lower Hutt that even Blink 182 would be proud of

As Dunc always says, one of your best Jeremy.


Kirby's letting go of his prized Rock van and you could get your mits on it

Thane's giving TradeMe a nudge for the first time & safe to say Dunc's not entirely on side.


Murchison, consider yourself Poo Town'd

It may be just a small NZ town, but producer Jeremy shows no mercy.


Dunc gets into awkward chat about bloke banging an alligator, watch him squirm to get out



Listener's prem baby born the size of a hand with 0% chance of survival - just turned 1

Hell of a story to tell at her 21st


Thane & Dunc answer your burning AMA questions including their top sex positions

Well this is an eye opener...


Rock listener finds out she's been cheated on when side-chick accidentally sends her nudes

And more cooked cheating yarns, including one about a tree with lips.


Bloke knocks on Westie Lee's door looking for $50 "tables", meant to go see the neighbour

Classic case of - you know you're in West Auckland when...


Dunc wants to get his own cookbook off the ground, turns to author Justin Brown for advice

Look out Annabel Langbein. The potato pipe-bomb is about to blow!


Masterton, ya wee beauty, here's the Poo Towns song Jeremy sung for you

Poo Towns is back


Thane & Dunc lose it over this most wanted criminal's extremely loose skin

Straight outa the pages of Scooby Doo this guy...


Vet horribly misdiagnosed Kevin the turtle, who ended up rising from the dead

The things they don't teach vets these days...


Dunco the bogan culinary god teaches us all how to make his delicious potato pipe bomb

Time to start coring those potatoes people!


Thane gets paranoid over a sonic UFO like woosh he heard overnight

What does that sound like again?


Things get grim as Dr Thane tries to give the public medical advice

Introducing Dr Johns new replacement - Dr Thane.


Listen to Thane's shocker yarn about a homeless person and a dodgy baker

Thane's bakery chat is the most outrageous thing you'll hear today. Nah scratch that, week, month even...


Te Puke gets 'nookied' in Jezza's latest Poo Towns

This one's for Jim.


Broke Jim crawls under Thane's house looking for a weird smell to try make a quick buck

Shit got weird. Real quick.


Palmerston North's Poo Town tune is finally here, and oh boy, she's a real stonker



Day 4: Thane & Dunc's final day on the water searching for MH370

After days of delays, the boys were finally able to hit the water to conduct their search.


Day 3: Thane and Dunc continue their search for MH370 and make waves in Mauritius

The boys are on shore today, sussing out a new boat and gathering further intel.


Day 2: Thane and Dunc continue their search for MH370

They've found an item of interest.


DAY 1: Thane and Dunc Search for MH370 in Mauritius

The boys have all landed safely, and the search efforts have started.


WATCH: Thane & Dunc talk about their fast-approaching MH370 mission on The Project

With four days left 'til the boys take off, they've take to national television to talk logistics.


Thane and Dunc called their new fan Osama from Pakistan, who slipped into their DMs

Wonder how much this call set the company back...


Producer Jeremy crumbles under the pressure of Paraparaumu's Poo Town song

Needless to say it was a tough day at the office for poor old Jeremy.


Experts believe MH370 was a murder-suicide mission

Thane & Dunc still set to fly to Mauritius.


Ol' smelly Rotorua finally got the Poo Town it deserves

Look who's stinking up the place.


Jezzer's written Whangarei a new Poo Towns anthem and it's so good you'll be singing along

Quite probably the catchiest Poo Towns yet.


Dunc forced to apologise for his comments on facial herpes

We are deeply sorry for any offence caused by Dunc's words towards Thane's relentless and vicious herpes.


There's a Givealittle page to fund epic event for Johnny Danger's public send-off

Plenty of swiggylalas to be had in celebration and memory of the legend.


Jeremy just dropped the Invercargill Poo Towns track

This one's for you, Inbredcargill.


Jeremy wrote one hell of a song about Rog on Dancing With The Stars

Jeremy, you've outdone yourself.


Blenheim's Poo Towns tune is finally here

Blenheim, you big ol bloop. We didn't forget about you.


Waihi's Poo Towns of NZ song is here and she's a real doodie

Another bloody blinder from Jeremy.


Jeremy's poo town track for Hastings is here and it's a big ol' steamer

Hastings, you beautiful, gleaming turd.


Jim crashed a Rock ute, Thane and Dunc made him think he had to pay $3,500 excess for insurance

Quality stitch up.


Thane & Dunc savage the Mai FM drive show for stealing 'Human Traffic' off them

Did they think Kirby wouldn't notice?


WALK ON THE WILD SIDE: How long can Dunc walk next to a stranger before it gets weird?

How much do Homegrown punters care about their personal space?


Thane’s accidentally catfished some kinky bastards on his foot fetish Instagram

What have you done Thane...


Dunc savages Thane for his shitty haircut, making us feel better about our own dogged dos

Always check the profile.

Thane tells us all what to do if he has a heart attack

Please don't have a heart attack Thane.


Kiwi man rips open his recently circumcised wanger, loses more of his piece than planned

Things really couldn't have gone worse for Nigel.


Greymouth's stonker of a Poo Town song

Shit, this one's a goody Jezzer.

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