Keen to be Thane & Dunc's "new" newsreader?

Thane & Dunc 17/01/2017

New year, new show, new... err... news.

Thane and Dunc are on the hunt for one GC to read out the news bulletins in their show, because hey - if The Morning Rumble get Jen, these boys should get their own special lady, too.

It's not a hard job, but we can't promise it's a good one, either... but it could be your big break into stardom (or at least your chance to be stuck in a small room with two sweaty Rock announcers).

Here's a list of criteria:

- You must be able to (kind of) read.

- You'd be willing to skive off work for this position.

- You must have an okay-sounding voice.

- You've gotta be better looking than Thane & Dunc (not that it's hard).

If you reckon you can hack it as their "new" newsreader, click through to the form below and we'll give you a bell if you fit our (apparently low) standards.