Nela Zisser annihilates Thane in an eating comp

Vids 22/02/2017

Meatstock Auckland is on this weekend and to get into it Thane got pit master Moe Cason in the studio to cook him a feed, but this wasn't just any feed.

Big Moe brought with him a massive 6KG rump steak so we sent him downstairs to Morepork BBQ to cook that sucker up.

Now Thane thought he might have a bit of trouble downing the beast of a steak, so he enlisted the help of New Zealand model and competitive eater, Nela Zisser.

Thane was too right about having trouble and Nela was subbed in after he'd only gotten through 800 grams.

Nela stepped up and cleaned up a whopping 3 kilograms of meat, smashing Thane, before calling quits and bringing the office in to clean up the scraps.