Thane and Dunc feed Jim "Beyond Death" hot sauce

Vids 20/04/2017

It's the oldest trick in the radio book: find a lacky on station - in our case, Jim - and make them eat hot sauce live on air and film their reaction.

Thane and Dunc used our days host and all round eager to do whatever bloke, Jim Cawthorn, and made him the guinea pig for an experiement they want to roll out on a listener....

Pretty much, they want some mad dog to neck this whole bottle of hot sauce. It's called "Blair's Beyond Death Sauce", and by all accounts it rips your tongue and anoose a new one.

So Jim give it a crack to see how potent it was. And by his reaction.....pretty fucking hot. He's be feeling that for a few hours tonight.

RIP Jim's sphincter.