Watch Thane & Dunc's epic party-fuelled video for "Mournin' Norman"

Thane and Dunc 28/08/2017

Epic video, but what is Mournin' Norman, we hear you ask?

Here's the backstory.

Last month, we were saddened to learn of the passing of one of our loyal, loving listeners, Norman.

His solicitor got in touch, and his last will and testament revealed something amazing. He wanted us to take him out for one last hurrah. And there’s no way in hell we could have said no.

So we took him to Queenstown, his favourite place on earth - to give Norman one last blowout. We gave him the send off he deserved, then hit Coronet Peak, the sickest place on earth for night skiing, for his final hurrah.

Then we found out - Norm was a dog! Claaaaassic stitch-up.