Check out Jim's week from hell with his Spin Jim wrap video

Thane and Dunc 09/10/2017

Here you all go, it's finally here.

All week Jim has been forced to take part in Thane and Dunc's awesome idea to Spin Jim on the good buggers at Bosch Power Tool's very own wheel that they made for us. 

Every day Jim was spun on the wheel and he would land on either a punishment or something that he would actually enjoy. 

Day 1: Eat a whole bucket of KFC fried chicken. 

Day 2: Sit in a bathtub full of dog food.

Day 3: Have daggers thrown at him (bitched out).

Day 4: Become a human Savaloy.

Day 5: Have natural viagra pills and jump off the Sky Tower.

Jim the absolute GC went along with it and made it one fucking fun week. Well, for us it was but for him maybe not so much.