Jeremy's surprisingly not shit and quite accurate song about Rangiora

Thane and Dunc 06/11/2017

Each week, Thane and Dunc post a pic of a NZ town to their Facebook page, asking for your comments about it. Their producer Jeremy then has only an hour to write and perform a song about said town, using your Facebook comments as lyrics.

This week, it's Rangiora's turn and Jez has outdone himself. 

The traffic lights had a public opening
Bogans with dreadlocks whose tyres are smoking
The Rangiora Borough School’s called RBS
And goon is the wine that they love the best

Rangiora – It’s nickname is Rangoon – It’s Rangoon
Rangiora – get stuck there and you’re doomed – No one’s immune

They’ve got the most bottle shops per person
Billy Mavs and Woodstock is their favourite bourbon
Art room at the high school is where they’re hot boxing
The guys have to be careful what they stick their cocks in

Rangiora – It’s nickname is Rangoon – It’s Rangoon
Rangiora – you can’t get out too soon – from that commune