Thane's plan to ban yoga pants

Thane & Dunc 28/11/2017

To be fair ladies, there's no better way of saying "I've got a great ass and I'm classy" than a nice pair of yoga pants. Don't get us wrong we think they are great... 

However, due to the recent, extensive media coverage about some of Thane's favourite Hollywood stars getting outtted as "big perves"... well, Thane's on his toes about sexual harassment... and as a result he's been feeling a little nervous about yoga pants in the workplace.

In the same vein as no more pornography in the work place, Thane reckons yoga pants oughta go the same way - as in banned.

We don't know where Thane thought, at any point, pornography in the work place was ever okay, bar a job in porn itself.  We'd love to know your source though Thane. Just asking for a mate. 

We also reckon ladies have the right to dress 'emselves however they god damn want and should expect nothing less than a bucket load of respect from the opposite sex.  

But if Thane wants yoga pants banned in the workplace... Dunc reckons the best way to go about it is if they both wear start wearing yoga pants themselves. 

Good joke Dunc. The idea of it has already scarred out brains... fuck us blind. Please don't.