Thane Kirby went on RadioLIVE and blasted NZ's "first man", Clarke Gayford

Thane and Dunc 22/01/2018

Whoever let Thane sit in front of a microphone to share his colourful opinions on a talk show might want to think more carefully in the future....

Thane, never shy to say what's on his mind, was on RadioLIVE over the weekend to talk everything and anything. After he dropped multiple mentions of having the #1 drive show in the country, the conversation naturally moved on to the hottest story in NZ right now - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's pregnancy, and her husband Clarke Gayford.

Now, before anyone gets confused - in a previous life, Clarke Gayford was a radio host and a TV presenter, and he and Thane had worked together over many years - so the two are well acquainted.

Obviously Thane knows more about Clarke than the rest of us, and he couldn't help but have a few digs at his old mate who now faces the biggest challenge in life - being a stay-at-home dad.