The lucky buggers in Hawera have scored the honour of being our first Poo Town of 2018

Thane & Dunc 26/01/2018

Poo Towns is back for 2018!

Essentially, Thane and Dunc post a pic of a NZ town to their Facebook page, ask for your comments about it. Then Producer Jeremy writes and perform a songs about said town, using your Facebook comments as lyrics. 

What talent. glorious. 

This week, it's Hawera's turn and Jez has outdone himself. 

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Poo town - Hawera

The dairy factory’s big
And it’s really windy too
You can climb our water tower for something to do
Anderson pies are the best
But the tinny’s are quite shit
High School’s like a jail, with a huge fence around it
That show  16 & Pregnant
Should be based off of this town
There was a massage parlour called G Spot, but it’s closed down

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Best chip shop in the country
Nolantown Takeaways
But how far’s civilization? It’s at least a hundred ks
It’s a town your folks might live in
But you wish they did not
Cos Black Power own some houses there, like 6 or 7 blocks
HAWERA - It rhymes with Shmawera

It’s a question on a Tui cap
For the rate of pregnancy
It’s the highest among teenagers, anywhere in this country
The dress code for the Pak n Save
Is Ugg Boots and PJs
At WINZ they get so busy, they’ll say “come back the next day”
Population twelve thousand
If you blink you might miss it
Got hit on by my 2nd cousin in pub called Rough Habits


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