Jim goes to the Robbie Williams press conference, drinks all the champagne, makes a complete arse of himself

Jim 13/02/2018

Robbie Williams is in town -what, you didn't know?

The British 'Rock DJ' is in New Zealand to woo the older birds in concert, *excuse us as we violently vomit everywhere* and somehow an invite to the press conference turned up at The Rock.

Jim's the new go-to-events guy for both Rumble and Drive, and we thought a bit more experience in interviews couldn't be a bad thing. So, our caveman-turned-radio-announcer, Jim, headed down to the media event to ask ol' Robbie a few questions... 

Robbie was not a fan of Jim - but who cares about that, right?

Watch the vid above to see how it all went.

Gotta hand it to Jimbo though - it's not everyday you get publicly mocked by Robbie Williams in a room full of your peers with dozens of cameras recording it for all to see... good on ya mate. Love your work.