Marton, you big ol steamer of a poo town, here's your special song

Thane and Dunc 28/03/2018

Last week Marton got nominated and roasted by Rock Listeners as the chosen Poo Town of New Zealand.

Jezzer used a familiar Black Eyed Peas track... Probably the first, and last time you'll hear Black Eyed Peas chords on The Rock. 

Top notch Poo Town nonetheless Jeremy. 

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We've added the lyrics below below incase you wanna perform you're own 'Living In Marton' rendition, or ya just fancy a sing a long.  


In this town where - everybody knows
It’s an odd thing – if you have ten toes
4 bakery’s – and a Countdown
In a 30 metre radius of Mar-town
Martians come from here
Making hops for beer
Duddings lake
Not a real lake - we don’t care
Hand shandy’s out the back of the Night and Day
Seven dollars cash - all you have to pay
Tux factory where they make the biscuits
Pity that the town smells just like food for pets

Lot’s of scarecrows
Lot’s of drongos
Lot’s of exits
No one knows where they go
Living in Marton

Cen-tennial - diary where you go
For the best chicken and chips that you know
They’ve got fried food – that you’d die for
Find a hair in it, still go back for more
Rugby team there called the Steamers
Not many people driving round in Beamers
College of the name of Rangitikei
Wagging as a subject is a specialty
Although Marton is kind of average
Community Garden has free fruit and veg

Built a bypass
To go round it
It’s an accident
That you’ve found it

Living in Marton
Living in Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-marton