Thane & Dunc are planning to fly over to Mauritius and search for MH370

Thane and Dunc 29/03/2018

Update: Thursday 31 May 

After a lot of red tape, the boys have finally got the go ahead to book their trip to Mauritus. They are flying out on June 11th and have a full on five days ahead. 

Update: Thursday 12 April

An update for those following our bid to undertake a search for MH370. 

We are making good progress but this is a slow process as we are making sure we follow all the appropriate official channels with respect to the search for the wreckage.

As of yesterday, we’ve been in contact with The Chief Inspector - Malaysian Air Accident Investigation Bureau who has confirmed that another party is currently under exclusive contract to find MH370 and that they have been granted a few days extension. Once this contract runs out (mid-late April), they will be able to sign a contract with a new party to search for the missing plane.

Thanks for your patience and continued support and interest. We'll let you know when we have more news for you!


On the eighth of March 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, commonly referred to as MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, heading for Beijing, China. It never arrived at its destination and the aircraft has never been found.  

Four years later it’s now largely considered the biggest mystery in aviation history.

Thane Kirby has avidly followed the MH370 search efforts. Since April 2014, his radio segment ‘Plane Watch’ has updated New Zealand radio listeners on MH370 news and has been a consistent feature across the numerous radio stations and shows Thane Kirby has worked on.  

Meanwhile, Australian engineer and amateur volcano hunter, Peter McMahon is also a dedicated MH370 follower. McMahon has spent years scanning Google Earth and NASA Maps. He reportedly searched an area close to Mauritius a month before the plane disappeared. McMahon saw something that perked his interest, something that looked like ice bergs. McMahon then returned to the same coordinates on Google Earth soon after the crash and found images he hadn’t noticed before, images that looked suspiciously like an aircraft. 

McMahon contacted authorities with his findings then, but was ignored. McMahon’s profession gave him access to third party, high-resolution images in 2014. Since this time the quality of images has changed and he can no longer access NASA maps. 
Over the next few years, McMahon posted about his MH370 theories on social media – the most recent was on February 23rd 2018. In this post he alluded to an MH370 conspiracy, making mention of the possibility that the plane was filled with bullet holes in the comments section. This led to McMahon becoming a global news sensation, virtually overnight – without anyone from a media outlet actually reaching out to McMahon for an official comment, that is until Thane Kirby caught wind of the story.

Thane asked McMahon for a phone interview on his Rock Drive radio show. Unaware that he’d made international headlines, McMahon declined, because he wanted to remain anonymous.

However, McMahon did choose to share the secret coordinates where he’d found his suspicious images with Thane. When Thane searched these coordinates he found images of a very low quality. Interestingly, the area is reportedly refreshed on a monthly basis, while the surrounding areas around the coordinates remain the same. 

Confirmed debris from MH370 washed up on Mauritius in 2016 and more has been found on surrounding islands. However, the multi-million dollar search conducted by America’s Ocean Infinity, continues to look for the aircraft on the other side of the Indian Ocean – where nothing has been found in the four years since the aircraft went missing.

Reportedly nobody has searched for MH370 in the coordinates McMahon has given Thane. So, the Rock Drive boys decided to take matters into their own hands. They started a give-a-little page to fund their own search expedition for MH370 on Mauritius.

Thane and Dunc set a goal of raising $35,000 to fund the search expedition by 5.10pm Monday 26th of March. They pushed their search on-air and even hired a plane advertising their search that flew across Auckland City, and swooped over Eden Park during an international cricket game.

The boys achieved their goal just after 4.00 pm on Monday 26th of March and are now working on all the planning and details of their upcoming search.

It’ll be a minimum of 32 - maximum of 54 hours flying just to get to Mauritius, and with only three days max on the Island, Thane and Dunc have a huge challenge ahead.

We will update you as more details surface.