Thane's talked with the guy who may have found MH370 and the boys are planning a search party

Thane and Dunc 23/03/2018

UPDATE: With the overwhelming support and generosity of The Rock listeners, Thane and Dunc have now reached the target goal of $35,000.00 which will be put towards the search efforts for MH370.

MH370, the Malaysian Airlines plane that disappeared in the Indian Ocean four long years ago, has reportedly been found. 

Australian amateur crash investigator, Peter McMahon, believes he's located parts of the debris from the missing MH370 on Google Maps - close to a small islet north of Mauritious, 10 miles south of Round Island.  

Images Peter McMahon has found on Google Maps

With 239 lost souls aboard the missing aircraft, hundreds of mourning friends and family looking for closure, and a 90 million dollar bounty - these claims have made headlines across the world. 

Strangely, McMahon published his thoughts on Facebook at the end of February - and they suddenly blew up over the weekend in international media, where he was misquoted about claiming the missing plane was riddled with bullet holes.

It wasn't until our very own plane watcher, Thane Kirby, notified McMahon through a friendly "wave" on Facebook chat, that the man learned he had become a global news story. 

McMahon told Thane: "I have not heard about any news paper s posting anything about it."

When Kirby said he wanted to fly over to Mauritious, McMahon told Kirby he wanted to do the same thing but that his passport was cancelled.  

Yes, after 1,469 days of searching for MH370 and providing his NZ radio audiences with daily updates, (including the family of the Kiwi man aboard the flight, who have contacted the show and thanked Kirby for doing the segment) Kirby could be the man to finally uncover the mystery and find the aircraft.

The Rock Drive has started a give-a-little page and are looking to raise $35,000 to send Thane, Dunc and their camera operator to locate the plane and record and share the moment with the world - and the $90 million bounty with anyone who helps get them over there.  

Read Thane's messages with Peter McMahon below.