Thane & Dunc savage the Mai FM drive show for stealing 'Human Traffic' off them

Thane and Dunc 11/04/2018

This is pretty funny.

Every Wednesday, Thane and Dunc have a segment called Human Traffic - where they get listeners to text in saying if they've seen someone hot in traffic, and try to hook them up together.

It's one of their most popular segments, with hundreds of texts coming through every time - and it turns out that it's not only popular with Rock listeners...

A Rock listener, who could only listen to Mai FM one afternoon, heard that their drive show were doing the exact same thing. Same time, same concept, same everything.

The bloody cheek of 'em.

And if they thought they could slip it past Thane Kirby's attention, they were sadly mistaken.

Watch the boys break down the Mai version of Human Traffic ("Traffic Damn!") and see for yourself.