Waihi's Poo Towns of NZ song is here and she's a real doodie

Poo Towns 20/04/2018

In our latest edition of 'Poo Towns of NZ', Thane and Dunc fans sweetly defecated on Waihi. Then Jeremy did what he does best, turned mildly offensive comments into a catchy ditty. 

Lyrics below, so you can sing your own edition, eh? 


There’s a massive hole in the ground

Where they mine out the gold

Employs lots of folk in the town

But makes houses fall down big holes

There’s Golden Number – Takeaways

Rumours they found dead cat’s there

Ed Sheeran clone, at the town Mobil

He’s got glasses and ginger hair


Waihi’s Your Hometown


Be careful if you pass away

When you pass out on the street

Some bad guys they, might take your wallet

But at least you’ll die near a nice beach

The Commercial Hotel, is a real choice pub

School uniform is maroon

There’s palm trees when you’re driving in

And a ball covered roundabout too


Waihi’s Your Hometown


The Museum has pickled fingers

And thumbs there too

The Pumphouse was a great place for kids

To sniff some glue

The Motor Camp is going off at Christmas time

It’s a place where there’s wife swapping

But hey what’s yours is mine

Waihi’s My Hometown