Experts believe MH370 was a murder-suicide mission, Thane & Dunc set to continue with search mission

News 15/05/2018

Thane & Dunc have avidly followed MH370, the biggest aircraft tragedy/mystery in history - to the point they've crowdfunded a search mission to Mauritius to look for the infamous missing aircraft. They are planning on leaving in mid June.  

WATCH MORE: Thane & Dunc raised $35,000 for their MH370 search expedition and are flying to Mauritius

Now, while the Drive boys are away in the US, huge MH370 developments have come to light.

60 Minutes Australia
recently assembled a panel of the worlds leading aviation, crash investigation and oceanography experts, who all agree that Flight MH370 was not a catastrophic accident, but rather a mass murder-suicide mission.

This has long been theorised, but the experts confidence is bloody scary. Regardless, Thane & Dunc's plans to fly to Mauritius have not changed. 

Jim's covering Rock Drive while Thane & Dunc are away - he looked into the 60 Minutes story in the video above. 

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