Jezzer's written Whangarei a new Poo Towns anthem and it's so good you'll be singing along

Poo Towns 07/05/2018

Holy shit Jezzer. We say this a lot. But we actually genuinely think you've outdone yourself on this one

One of the catchiest Poo Towns yet.

If you're new to the 'Poo Towns' world, Drive listeners nominate a New Zealand town each week, then write comments about the chosen town on a post on the Rock Drive's Facebook page.

Producer Jeremy takes the comments and crafts them into a glorious song. 

This week Whangarei received the special priviledge.

Special thanks to Stacey this week (you may know her from the Rock Drive's weekly segment 'Make Stacey Laugh') who suggested Jeremy borrow the chords from NZ classic 'For Today' by the Netherworld Dancing Toys.

Listen to the anthem above. 

Lyrics below, incase you'd like to print them out to sing yourself or share with friends and family. 


If you want a town, where the peak hour traffic
Is only 21 minutes yeah
Even with the road works
There’s lots of road co-ones
Lots of other cones too
That’s why the nickname’s Bongarei
And there’s stray dogs biting you

So many shopping trolleys
Bottom of Whangarei falls
Walk home at night, someone takes your shoes
And there’s lots of really old stone walls

There’s good fishing around
Winston Peter’s hometown

Well the nightclubs aren’t great
Cos they close up at one
It’s a council bylaw
That’s preventing late night fun
At the Burger King carpark
Burning rubber’s the smell
Tim Southee was born here, and Billy T James
And Michael Hill Jeweller as well

58000 live there
There’s a lifting bridge in there
Where the beaches are real nice
All the children have head lice