Ol' smelly Rotorua finally got the Poo Town it deserves

Poo Towns 14/05/2018

You know how it goes; The Rock Drive listener's nominate a town. We post a picture on Facebook. People leave comments. Jeremy writes a song.

So, Rotorua's Poo Town is here and shit, she's stinking up the place. Watch above.

Rotorua's Poo Town Experience

There’s 60 thousand live in
This stinky town
Just make sure you watch out for
Mud Pools on the ground
They’re really bubbly
They’re really hot

But the truth is that’s all
That Rotorua’s got – yeah
Cheap 60 dollar sex worker
Might give you Chlamydia
But don’t worry we’ve got awesome lakes – it’s lakey
It’s built on a massive crater
If you don’t like Asian Drivers
Then please from the Luge stay away

It’s smelly
And it’s nicknamed the Sulphur City
They’re from here
The Adams family
That’s both Steven and Dame Valerie
Rotorua New Zealand, says you’ve got to go
If you want to see a Maori Culture show
You’ll see
Heaps of volcanic activity

Called Rotovegas
I’m not sure why
Maybe cos problem gambling is a big pastime
There’s open sewers
In the 3rd world
But Rotten-rua smells so bad
You just might hurl

When you hang at the Lava Bar
Just be careful of the stabber
If they’re not there you’ll be okay
Oh stabber
If you’re at Crash Palace hostel
You can sleep and party as well
It’s a pretty sweet place to stay

They’re housin’
Folks like Tem & Howard Morrison
Mini golf
Where you play
With Rabbits getting in the way
It’s the home of Cliff Curtis
Buck Shelford too
And as I said it really smells like poo
It’s stinky
But it’s fun for the whole family