Producer Jeremy crumbles under the pressure of Paraparaumu's Poo Town song

Poo Towns 28/05/2018

Time for another Poo Towns of New Zealand, all thanks to Producer Jeremy and those who left comments online for the one and only Paraparaumu. 

This week went a little different, after Jeremy gave the song a nudge on the show just after 3PM - Thane & Dunc invited him back in studio and asked him to go a little less 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' in length. 

Needless to say it was a tough day at the office for poor old Jeremy.

Lyrics below, so you can give it a go next time you're a song short on karaoke night. 


Heaps of old people round 
Grey brigade’s big in town
There’s a mayor called The Guru
And he’s just a big clown

If you’re wanting fast food
It’s all lined up for you
They’re all next to each other
There’s about twenty two

No Dyslexics can say it

The Coastland’s Mall is huge
Less retail, more food
If you’re looking for fashion
Millers Women’s Clothes for you

Locals they don’t wear shoes
Jandals, Bare feet, no shoes
If you want a sweet combo
Uggs and PJs will do

Our one pub closed at midnight