Jeremy had a nudge at Cromwell for Poo Towns of NZ this week

Poo Towns 07/08/2018

This week it was time for Cromwell to get the Poo Towns treatment and those who commented on the Facebook page did not hold back.. 

To the tune of AC/DC's Hells Bells - Jeremy (who had been under the weather) screamed away to your lyrics in one unforgettable Poo Towns song. 


Lyrics Below -


They’ve got some rich folks - comin down

Folks that can’t buy a house - in Queenstown

At 3am when you’re stumbling home

The sprinklers at the golf course coming on

There’s vineyards, stunning lakes, and real fruit ice cream

There’s milkshakes there that they make with protein cream

Watch out for tourists driving their rental cars

You might just hit one - coming off the bridge at



It’s round and full of fruit


Michael Laws is there too


There’s an awesome speedway


And it’s foggy all day



It’s got nicknames like Cromhole - and Crimewell

The mistake by the lake it’s called as well

The local serving drinks to underage

If no one’s stopping you it’s all the rage

It’s where a shit pie can still cost you 9 bucks

The lake is full of jet boat drivers that suck

Your family have to live in a caravan

Not many rental houses in the fair land


Of Cromwell

don’t often see the sun

In Cromwell

Teens become single mums

In Cromwell

Footy team called the goats


They don’t have a main road