Jeremy pulls off a Poo Towns on Lower Hutt that even Blink 182 would be proud of

Poo Towns 27/07/2018

Electric guitar and all, Jeremy gets at Lower Hutt thanks to those who commented on FB. No Thane in studio but jesus one hell of a two man party. As Dunc always says, one of your best Jezza.

Lyrics Below - 


It’s got a big river

That’s dangerous for swimmers

The stream in Waiwhetu

Smells septic just like poo

There’s code browns – in the pools

Cheap houses, with great views

It’s quite prone to flooding

The mall there - is falling down


Petone is thriving

The beach front’s reviving

There’s Taita, Stokes Valley

There’s Naenae, and Wainui

The KFC drive through

Can’t take more – cars than two

Good cafes, but bad bars

And Hutt Rd’s, got K-Mart now


Well there’s quite a bit of weed

And McDonald’s for a feed

There’s two McD’s quite close

And some people comatose

In the bus shelters at night

And the morning traffic’s shite

But the Mitre 10’s quite good

Well I guess this is Lower Hutt


The Junior Athletics

I got told it’s epic

The teen girls get pregnant

But the outdoors are splendid

The bakery in Naenae

Has got really good pies

There’s murder, and litter

And quite a good rep theatre


And at Days Bay there’s ice cream

And there’s also wharf jumping

There’s prisoner escapes

From hospital restraints

Lower Harlem it gets named

And if the hills went up in flames

At least there’s firebreaks

Well I guess this Lower Hutt