Masterton, ya wee beauty, here's the Poo Towns song Jeremy sung for you

Poo Towns 13/07/2018

Jeremy's written another cracker poo town, after you lot nominated Masteton as this week's lucky destination. 

Lyrcis below. 

In Wairarapa – There is a town that’s called Masterton
And when it floods there, there’s eels on main street of Masterton
Oooooh – Masterton

Yeah come to Masterton and you will find
There’s Upper Plain and Akura on the west side
Ladyhawke and Jesse Ryder they were born there
The annual event in town’s the Golden Shears

When you’re watching the rugby team you hear the crowd say
Come on the bush! But not the real dirty way
Queen Elizabeth Park is a bit of a crapper
I’m the latest hip hop Kiwi, I’m the Wai- ra-rapper

There’s Jemaine Clement, and Raybon Kan born in Masterton
They’re drinking Tui – it’s the beer round there in Masterton
Oooooh – Masterton