Murchison, consider yourself Poo Town'd

Poo Towns 23/07/2018

Murchison got the treatment in this weeks Poo Towns of NZ. One ripper of a tune from Jez, when he puts the old six string down you know he means business..

Lyrics Below, just in case the 23 of you that actually live in Murchison want to sing along -


Murchison – Oh Yeah!

The white water capital of the country

Murchison – Oh Yeah!

Award winning bacon, but over-priced groceries


Choice is low when you go for beer

Need to be a dairy farmer to live there


Murchison – Oh Yeah!

Not much more than a toilet stop in

Murchison – Oh Yeah!

Tourists always defecating in the gardens


At the camp ground you can see

Across the road a cemetery


3 churches but no-one in them

Used to be a town full of gold mining


They had the world’s first suicide bomber

113 years age


Trout fishing!



Annette King!

Great walks!

Mountain biking!

Flame burning

In the bush for 90 years!

Buller river

Hampden Hotel


State Highway 6



Riversong Cottages


Druids Lodge

Pony Club

Panda Xpress

Kayak School

There’s a kayak school in Murchison