Wainuiomata's 'Poo Town' treatment, courtesy of Producer Jeremy

Thane and Dunc 12/03/2018

Thanks to all your comments, the Rock Drive boys are back with their latest 'Poo Town' instalment. Lyrics below, so you can sing along...

There’s only one way that you can get in

And out of this wee neighbourhood

One really great thing that we can say is

The mountain bike park’s really good

It only gets, like, 3 hours sunlight

Because you’ve got hills on 3 sides

And if you look for someone you don’t know

Well they’re in very short supply


Wainuiomata  x 2 – there’s tiger slippers and Chloe

Wainuiomata x 2– The ugly twin of Stokes Valley

Wainuiomata x 2 – The cop shop it closes at 3

It’s needs to open 24 hours – just like Wainui’s Mickey D’s


Tana Umaga and Piri Weepu

2 guys that grew up in this place

Be careful when you’re walking the streets late

You might just get kicked in the face

The Rugby League team is called The Jugglers

The Warehouse it moved out of town

Yes it’s the one place, in our fair country

The big red shed had to shut down


Wainuiomata x 2 – to be fair house prices are cheap

Wainuiomata x 2 – have you seen the state of the streets

Wainuiomata x 2 – people stealing from the dairy

The locals find that it is quite simple, only the girls are more easy