WATCH: NZ babe tells us about winning gold at one of the biggest bikini comps in the world

Thane and Dunc 26/09/2018

Kiwi chick Amy Lee Summers just took out the win at her very first bikini comp, The Bellagio.

Which is only one of the biggest  bikini comps in the world, held in the Las Vegas hotel of the same name. 

Hats off to ya Amy. 

There are people who work for years for this shit, and the Weillington girl walked in, first go and floored 'em all

Amy has a cool 1 million Instagram followers, so Thane had plenty of questions about influencing... 

Discipline, bum implants (not hers), slabs of Cody's, chowing down on a Jalapeno burger at Denny's after she finished her comp, and going to Maxim parties also came up. 

Watch above.