Palmerston may be small but there was still enough good gear for a banger Poo Towns

Poo Towns 22/08/2018

This week Producer Jeremy was a nervous man after commiting to little old Palmerston in East Otago for Poo Towns.

Little did he know that we'd get some of the best lines about this small town that he's ever seen.

To the tune of AC/DC's thunderstruck we present to you in all it's glory - PALMERSTON.


Lyrics below - 


There’s a town with a real aging railroad track

Won’t take long, to walk from one end and then walk back

A great place you can stop if you need a poo

But there’s never any carparks outside the loo

Got an ATM – 3 years ago

The capital of – East Otago

You’re in Palmerston

They put fish and chips in a box so you don’t have to stop

On Puketapu, you can see the whole town from the top

McGregor’s Baker –it’s a shop where they sell mutton pies

Waihemo Hotel

You drink and gam-bell

And you can stay, you don’t have to drive


There’s an eligible guy

Goat’s Man the name he goes by

There’s Shag River and Shag Point

It’s in Palmerston