Very quick turnaround for Mangawhai - as this weeks Poo Town of NZ

Poo Towns 24/08/2018

Poo Towns of NZ ran a little different this week after Thane & Dunc forgot to ask for a town whilst they were broadcasting at our QOTSA pre-party on thursday avo.

So step up producer Jeremy once again who threw together this tune about Mangawhai, in just two hours as oppossed to over night.

Picked a town 3PM - got a few texts - wrote and performed it live on air at 5PM.

Next we'll be asking him to do it on the spot..

*Some photos may not be from Mangawhai*


Lyrics below -


There’s some people playing in the estuary

It’s sad it’s full of sewerage

Everybody there pays rates exorbitantly

The Nickname’s Mangafry

Cos everyone’s getting fried


Out in Mangawhai

It’s actually part of Northland, there’s so many folks from Auckland

Out in Mangawhai

And they’re clogging up the sewer, that’s why it smells like manure

Out in Mangawhai


And you need to get Sky to watch any TV

Browns Rd is prone to flooding

Drinking at the tavern or at the Smashed Pipi

There’s pies at the bakery

They use bread instead of pastry


Out in Mangawhai

You know Roger bought a batch there, and there’s quite good fish to catch there

Out in Mangawhai

People on facebook are moaning about dog poo by the ocean

Out in Mangawhai