Ashburton features in the latest Poo Towns of NZ

Poo Towns 02/11/2018

Another one to add the list, Ashburton has been officially ticked off, in more ways than one after this gets out probably..

Man, Jez is on a roll with these tunes at the moment.


Lyrics below - 


I’ve never been to see Ashburton

I hear there’s dairy cows, whose teets are squirting

It’s a place that’s big - in the dairy industry

I’ve never been to see Ashburton

They’ve got so many tractors – there per person

The first New Zealand town - to get a drive through KFC


Simon Barnett’s town

Home of 2 Countdowns

Massive pothole’s ‘round

A guy called Goldberg – on the streeeeeeeet…


I’ve never been to see Ashburton

But the town nickname – it is Trashburton

It’s a town with mullets, boguns, woodys and hillbillys


Robert Taylor’s place

Motor cross track space

Massive town clock face

And a leaking art gallery


They put in extra traffic lights

To keep you there

But no new hydro slide

There was no money spare

The information centre

Told you the best way out of town

But then ironically

It has just been shut down