Dirty Dunners gets the nod in this weeks Poo Towns of NZ

Poo Towns 19/10/2018

It's finally here, Poo Towns of NZ this week was all about the dirty south - Dunedin.

From students to being cold and burning shit, this track from Producer Jeremy says it all - feel free to fire this tune the direction of anyone from this magnificent town.

Lyrics below so you can blast this track and sing along.


There’s a place so bad the airport code is DUD

The current home of the Ranfurly Shield

Scarfies burning couches

To warm up their feet

Wheelie bins riding down Baldwin St


And I’ll have a Speights

When I’m in Dunedin

Having a keg race

At the Castle St riots

Getting a head butt

When I’m in Dunedin

My face is bleeding 

That’s alright


Cad’bury factory got closed down in March this year

Octagon pubs make you wear flash shoes

Student flats are mouldy

And they’re freezing too

And this one time Jason Mac had to leave his undies behind in a urinal in a bar…

Cos he filled them with poo


Parties on Hyde St

When you’re in Dunedin

There’s snow and sleet

Right through winter time

David Bain’s moved out

Moved out of Dunedin

Some space he was needin’

So he shot out