Poo Towns of NZ - Tokoroa

Thane and Dunc 09/11/2018

Poo Towns NZ - TOKOROA

A lake called Moana-Nui
It’s a great place to do some bombs
Brian Tamaki was born there
Pity that he is such a knob
There are heaps of All Blacks from there
Like Mealamu and Kahui
But don’t talk about Quade Cooper
We’re so glad he went to Aussie
The school looks like a prison since they put that big fence up
And there’s chips and cheese and mayo from the Pie Cart that got shut
You could buy them when you’re drunk

Strathmore and Parkdale – they’re parts of Tokoroa
14 thousand peeps – living in Tokoroa
Drink Waikato Draught – when you’re drinking in Tokoroa
There are talking poles – plenty in Tokoroa
So many in Tokoroa

Woke up at the Caravan Park
And my car had lost it’s wheels
Was drinking Uncle Soona’s homebrew
For twenty bucks it was such a deal

Hui Huang’s a shop that you can buy a thousand gifts
Ashley Crawford is the one giving underwear a sniff
Mainly guys ones get a whiff

The Trees Tavern Pub – a pub that’s in Tokoroa
Chicken Box ten bucks – hungover in Tokoroa
It’s the 5th biggest town – in all of the Waikato-a
She’ll pick up your smoke butts – Annie from Tokoroa
When you’re in Tokoroa

Living in Tokoroa