Can you go through a drive-thru on a hospital bed?

Vids 10/02/2017

The Morning Rumble are on a mission to get as many modes of transport through a fast-food restaurant drive-thru as possible.

Over the last two weeks, they successfully drove a ride-on lawnmower through a KFC drive-thru in Ponsonby and took the Hurriplane for a spin through a Wellington KFC for even more fried chicken.

It seems KFC are making it too easy for us now, so the boys decided to hit up Grey Lynn McDonald's to keep things interesting.

This week, the Rumble took a very sick (in the head) Mulls into the drive-thru on a hospital bed - drip, gown and all - for his final supper. And what better way to go out than with a good ol' Happy Meal... or four?

We don't want to think too much about what's happened on that gurney prior to this stunt, but what's even worse is the sight of Rog in that nurse's costume... How much does he look like The Joker after he blows up the hospital in 'The Dark Knight'?