Rog's greatest selfies of all time

The Morning Rumble 03/04/2017

After the Big Dog's inspiring 'Selfie Tour of Melbourne 2017', we decided to have a look back at some of his greatest selfies of all time.

Rog's taken selfies pretty much everywhere we've gone: AC/DC in Sydney, the F1 Grand Prix, Samoa, sports games... or at least we think that's where these pics were taken.

Here's his latest piece of art from some unindentifiable escalator in Melbourne.

This one is supposed to be about the building in the background, but all we can focus on is his massive moon face.

At least this one actually shows where Rog is (sort of).

A stunning shot of some roadworks and recycling bins at a non-specific Ozzy beach. 

Rog at AC/DC in Sydney... but making it all about him (again). 

We can't see who the hell is playing this match thanks to ol' mate's forehead.

What's this photo even meant to be, Rogee?

Rog in Samoa: same shit, different country. 

Throwing it back old school to prove Rog has been keeping this shit up for years (back when he had more hair in his selfies).

What are we meant to be looking at here? A kid on a plane?

A shitty selfie made even shittier with that horrific hat.

This one was taken in a helicopter. Not that you'd know...

Another shitty hat special. 

Wait, so you went to the Grand Prix, and this is the best pic you got? Well shit.