How to fix a car with non-car parts

The Morning Rumble 19/04/2017

Jen's car had a bit of a run in with a bus the other day and we had a few fellas call in to let her know it could've been worse.

They also decided to help her out with a few D.I.Y tricks of the trade to fix up her own car. 

Quite unorthodox, we should add.

Instead of wall to floor welding I had bungee cords holding the floor in place.


Got my headlights smashed in once... put dolphin torches in instead.

Didn't have a girlfriend so made do with a mannequin in the passenger seat.

Instead of a gear shift, we had a 10" bolt welded to the gearbox. It was so bloody stiff, the passenger had to change gears.

Had no seat. So we used a milk crate.