The Morning Rumble are looking for hot mums for their calendar

The Morning Rumble want to honour NZ's finest mums this Mother's Day coming up quickly.

And what better way to honour 'em than with a calendar celebrating mums every day of the year?

So, our "Yo Momma" calendar will have 12 months of mums: from model mums, tattoed mums, young mums, and heaps more.

If you know a mum who'd look good in our calendar (or you're a mum yourself), flick us a message on The Morning Rumble Facebook page.

Here's ones we have already....

January - Amba (tattooed mum)

March - Jakie (fire fighter)

April - Sheta (model mum)

May - Kora (pregnant mum)

July - Ashley (young mum)

September - Sammi (Westie mum)