Bryce Casey is a NZ "power couple" because of his much more successful wife

Shows 12/06/2017

You read that correctly - Bryce Casey has been labelled a New Zealand power couple.

NZ's finest print magazine, Women's Day, have made a list of kiwi couples who they believe are the most influential people in this country. And Bryce made that list - no bullshit, see for yourself.

We all know it is due to his much better half and much more successful wife, Sharyn. Ol' snaggletooth once again managed to ride her coattails to success, and he's loving every single fucking second of it.

To quote the article:

Sharyn has gained plenty of fans thanks to her work with The Edge, which recently saw her move to co-host drive show alongside Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce.

The kicker, and our favourite part:

Hubby Bryce Casey, a fellow radio DJ with The Rock, is also well-known to Kiwi listeners.


We'll leave it on a great text a Rumble listener sent in - Bryce is only a power couple because his tooth is a solar panel.