Dr John explains anxiety and how it affects everyone differently

Dr John 06/06/2017

Some wise words from the doc on today's show.

In his monthly check-up with the Morning Rumble, and in the wake of the tragic passing of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, Dr John helped explain what anxiety is, how it affects everyone differently, and, most importantly, what YOU can do to help others who may be silently struggling with it.

Think you know someone who may be battling some inner demons, but don't know what to do or how to approach it?

Being open to what's going on with your friends, being able to talk about things, and if you see someone that you think maybe something's not quite right, just say "how's things bro? How you going?"

More advice from the Doc:

Don't let it slide. Don't let it slip. Don't be in their face every five seconds asking 'how are ya?' - just being there for them, and touching base [to let them know someone is interested them and their lives are useful and a good thing].

It's a fairly long clip, and serious one - but give it a watch and share it around with your friends.

If you yourself are in a dark place, don't be afraid to give the folks at Lifeline NZ a call on 0800 543 354, or even your mates at The Rock. We can't guarantee good chat (it will be average to mediocre at best) but we'll do our best.