How Jen broke a rib by falling into a chilly bin

Shows 06/06/2017

"Jen, have you ever walked into a ranch slider?"

No I haven't actually. I have fallen into a chilly bin and broken a rib, though.

There's drunk, and then there's Jen Bainbridge drunk. And that is a glorious disaster when it happens.

A bit of backstory:

Over the weekend, Bryce smashed his face walking into a ranch slider, and came to work with a visible egg on his noggin. Unfortunately, he didn't work tooth-first into the door to do something about that rogue snaggletooth in his grill.

Turns out, all the gumby lads in the room had done it at some stage in their lives. But not Bainbridge; when asked if she had ever walked into a ranch slider, she quickly replied 'no'.... but then quickly gave an even better story about how she injured herself by falling into a chilly bin when OTP.

Have a watch above, it's great.

Keep doing you, Jen.