How long did you leave an injury before hitting up the doc?

Shows 13/06/2017

Here in NZ, we have a "she'll be right" attitude... but sometimes she's not bloody right.

The Morning Rumble asked you guys what happened when you left an injury untreated for too long - and there's some shockers in here. 

Have a read:

Tore my foreskin having sex, kept ripping for 15 years after and ended up having to have a circumcision on my 35th birthday, awesome!!

I'm ex-army and was shot in 1998, bullet just missed my heart, hit my rib and was lodged in my upper back until I had it removed in 2009.

Had 2 ingrown toenails, left it so long the nails grew out of side of my toe.

Broke my lil finger carried on wiring, spent the next couple weeks on the chainsaw. Pretty sure I rebroke it several times when the saw kicked back cause I couldn't hold it properly. Had several fights with wife cause I refused to go to drs. Didn't have time for that shit.

I broke my back in 2 places and didn't seek help for 8 months. 2 compression fractures and 2cms shorter.

I had a sore back for a couple of weeks that got worse and worse but kept going to work. Was complaining to my boss about it being sore he told me I was soft!! When I couldn't take it anymore went to a+e turns out I had a fractured vertebrae.

Had fractured my neck as a boy. Mum told me if it still hurts in a week she will take me to the docs. After a week, thought it was time but had to wait till she finished watching Coro Street... ended up in a neck cast for 6 months.

Thought it was an itchy bite till it started rotting my forearm. Almost lost my arm from the elbow down when I went to the hospital 3 weeks later.

I ripped skin off my foot as a kid playing round. Didn't want to miss out on the fun so kept going and ignored the blood and all else. Went camping the next day for a week. Came back early due to rain and was made to go to doc. Was told I had blood poisoning and if I hadn't come in I would have been dead in 24 hours.

I had an undiagnosed broken spine for 20 yrs.

A mate of mine got the clap from a girl... put up with it for like three months, almost cried every time had to pee. It was a true deep burn.