Mulls' wife Emma tears him apart in a handwritten letter

The Morning Rumble 12/07/2017

We often hear from the wives of the men of the show - Rog's lovely lady Lisa, and Bryce's sassy missus Sharyn who both who repeatedly burn Rog and Bryce on the regs.

You want proof of that?

We rest our case.

But one woman we haven't heard a lot from is Mulls' wahine, Emma Mulligan.

Until now. And boy, would we like to hear from her more often.

After finding out the the NSW Blues players read letters of love and support from their wives and girlfriends to motivate themselves for State of Orgin, we thought we'd get the better halves of the show to do the same for their men.

And Emma brought the goods.

Watch Mulls read her words of love and support above....and Emma, if you're reading this - write back any time.