Rog gets made Mayor of Hamilton, has a massive power trip and abuses people

The Morning Rumble 24/07/2017

Last Friday we celebrated Rog's 25 years at The Rock by loading up a bus full of Rumble listeners and sending them back to where it all started, Hamilton, for one massive night of boozing and partying at The Bank Bar and Brasserie.

And little did Roger know, we had a little surprise in store for the big dog.

We got Hamilton Mayor Andrew King to turn up, and he made Roger Farrelly the Mayor of Hamilton for one night, donning Rog in the official mayoral robes and chains (which we're 60% sure is 100% not legal). And the litte fella absolutely loved it.

Some may say a little too much.

The power went to Rog's head, and he ended up treating everyone like peasants (and calling 'em such). 

Get off your high horse, mate.