Corey Taylor endorses Roger Farrelly for NZ's Hottest Radio Hunk

NZ's Hottest Radio Hunk 23/08/2017

Yes you read that right - Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour fame is officially backing Roger Farrelly's quest to become New Zealand's Hottest Radio Hunk.

That was by far the weirdest sentence we've ever written.

Corey, obviously an excellent bullshit artist, painted the big dog in a spectacular light. I mean, politicians need to get Taylor on the campaign trail - he will get results.

He's gonna reach your top shelves

The first lie.

He can make a fried egg

Another lie. He can't even boil water.

He can find four other ways to open beer bottles, without an opener

Again, another lie. But ssshh, don't let anyone know that.

Good on ya Corey, you bloody good bastard.