Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins take turns ripping out Rog for his hairy 'Chewbacca' forearms

The Morning Rumble 31/08/2017

What do you do when you meet two of the biggest rockstars in the world?

You show them photos of a well-beyond-his-best-before-date bloke, shamefully posing on a beach for a women's magazine photoshoot.

That is, if you are Rog and Bryce.

Whilst interviewing rock legends Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins while their band Foo Fighters were in Sydney promoting their upcoming album, Concrete and Gold, the Rumble lads thought they'd ask for Dave and Taylor's opinions on Roger's latest spread....and their responses are crack up.

Let's start with your fucking arms, dude....you look like you've dipped your hands in a bucket of hair,

It looks like you're looking for love in all the wrong places

Watch the vid above for more!