Rog shows off his borderline illegal Woman's Day "Hottest Radio Hunk" photoshoot pics

The Morning Rumble 22/08/2017

Strap yourselves in ladies and gentlemen, because you're in for an absolute treat.

Roger - thanks to all your votes, is leading the Woman's Day "NZ Hottest Radio Hunk" competition with 40% of the votes - and shit's got out of control.

So much so that Woman's Day - the magazine in question - invited Rog along to a beach photoshoot (along with four other "hunks") to feature in their latest edition.

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And the pics came out yesterday, and he took great pride in showing us ....and holy fucking shit, you need to see them for yourself. They are absolutely magical.

Watch Bryce, Mulls and Jen's reactions to the pics in the video above, and save this snap below for the bank later.

Good on ya Rog.