Check out the insane amount of people who turned up for Rogs Women's Day signing session

The Morning Rumble 08/09/2017

Following Rog being crowned New Zealand's Hottest Radio Hunk, it seemed only a matter of time before he would take his winnings to the streets.

He was feeling pretty damn confident about himself and his new achievement. So he decided to host a signing session on one of the busiest streets in Auckland, in hope for some serious pen to paper action. 

However, it wasn't the turn out Rog was expecting. Well, we expected it but we weren't going to kill his hopes.

After spending a decent amount of time waiting for his fans and having not much luck. Rog then decides to be the champion that he is and give the rest of his winnings to the local dentist waiting area.

Good on ya Rog, at least you tried.