Bryce blows out at the supermarket again, this time thinking he was a celebrity

The Morning Rumble 21/09/2017

Bryce went for a quick trip to the supermarket, just to buy one cucumber. Yup, just the sole cucumber (don't ask why or what for).

Even that's a sad enough story on it's own. But it gets worse. A lot worse. And very embarrassing. 

Bryce must think he is pretty well known for his average banter on the radio, as someone in the aisle behind him yells out, "ohhh look, two celebrities in the line at one time" - as Shortland Street star T.K. Samuels was next to him.

And in typical Casey fashion, he made an absolute tosser of himself by turning around to greet this mystery fan.

But to Bryce's surprise (and probably only his), the guy wasn't talking about him at all.

He was talking to the other guy next to Bryce, National MP Jonathan Coleman. Bryce was wedged between two actual NZ celebrities (low-rent ones, but still) and the dumb arse thought he was one too.

But it's not all shame for Bruce - he was recognised by someone at the supermarket: the check out operator, who sees Bryce every week and also happens to be a Rock listener (g'day mate, if you're reading this). .

Have a watch above, and join us and Mulls as we bury ourselves into a hole in embarrassment.